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As part of the accounting process it is crucial that payments made and received by your business are recorded and accounted for correctly. eg. assigned to a sale, assigned to a purchase or recorded as a so called “drawing” payment (withdrawal from the business).
To simplify this process as much as possible AngelBooks can automatically import payments and do a pretty good job of assigning the payments automatically. All you need to do is confirm that the payment is correct and add any more information required to complete the import.
If you use a PayPal account then AngelBooks can make use of the PayPal third party api and automatically import payments for you every 24hrs. For other bank accounts it can import bank statements in QIF (Quicken Interchange Format), OFX (Open Financial Exchange) or CSV (Comma Separated Values) formats which covers the vast majority of UK banks.
Having a smooth and efficient payment import process means less work for you and less chance of costly errors.
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