Frequently Asked Questions
How much does AngelBooks cost?
£14.99 per month (please note, a PayPal account is required).
How secure is AngelBooks?
AngelBooks uses HTTPS (secure HTTP) to encrypt all data from our servers to your browser. The servers are located in a secure data centre in Gloucester and have 24/7 security.
What is your data backup policy?
Data backups are performed in real-time to a second geographically separate location in the UK. Secondary backups are also performed overnight.
How secure are the passwords?
Passwords are only stored salted and hashed using the RSA256 algorithm which is the current best practice to ensure passwords are secure.
What browsers are compatible with AngelBooks?
Internet Explorer (>v8), Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. We recommend only using the latest versions of the browsers as this is what we test the software against.
What online merchant websites work with AngelBooks?
Currently Shopify, Create (, EBay and Amazon.
How do I cancel the service?
Simply cancel your PayPal subscription and inform us via email at
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