Frequently Asked Questions

We’re happy to answer any of your questions, but check out our FAQ section here first

We offer you a FREE one-month trial which allows you to see if AngelBooks is right for you, or for you to dive right in with setting up your system. After the initial free month, it is then £19.99 per month paid via PayPal.

Here at AngelBooks, we take security very seriously and the app uses HTTPS (secure HTTP) to encrypt all data from our servers to your browser. The servers are located in a secure data centre in Gloucester and have 24/7 security.
Data backups are performed in real-time to a second geographically separate location in the UK. Secondary backups are also performed overnight.
Passwords are only stored salted and hashed using the RSA256 algorithm which is the current best practice to ensure passwords are secure.
AngelBooks will work with all popular browsers including Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. We recommend only using the latest versions of the browsers, as this is what we test the software against.
Currently AngelBooks can interface with Shopify, Create (, eBay, Amazon and Etsy – we are hoping to add other channels soon.
We’ll be sad to see you go! First, please contact us on to see if we can help you with something. We promise not to use hard sell tactics to persuade you to stay, but we’re always keen to seek customer feedback to see how we can improve our service. But if you’re certain it’s time to leave, then simply cancel your PayPal subscription (an email to would still be appreciated, just to let us know!).

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